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_a r e n a is Pohlmann’s hommage to the last true arena. A battleground where the spectator can experience one of the world’s greatest sporting events, the Tour de France.


"My first trip to the Col du Galibier was certainly one of my biggest moments. When I think back to how I stood beneath that mountain — surrounded by the infinite beauty of the valley and the road running through it — it still gives me goosebumps to this day." - Tino Pohlmann


"It has high points, points of common ground, and rallying points where the champions face off against each other through the ages, in a rendezvous with History.“ - Philippe Brunel


In 1903, the first Tour de France edition was promoted by Henri Desgrange’s newspaper L’Auto. Almost 120 years later, this newspaper is a quote, a tribute to the first Tour de France Femmes, to cycling and to the idea of the Grande Boucle.
Selected Prints
SKU: 128

Arena Book

64 pages, 24 x 16 cm

soft-cover, stitched binding


SKU: 126

Alpe d´Huez, 2018

Archival Pigment Print, 50 cm x 40 cm
Edition 10+2 EA
Signed and numbered by the artist
Frame, wood, anthracite, mirogard museums glass