Arena / the arena,
ə-rē-nə {colloseum}

Definition: an area in a Roman amphitheater for gladiatorial combats, an enclosed area used for public entertainment

Collected 001

_a r e n a is Pohlmann’s hommage to the last true arena. A battleground where the spectator can experience one of the world’s greatest sporting events, the Tour de France, without having to pay entry. Arena is a tribute to the beauty of the mountains and, at the same time, to the Tour de France itself, which has captivated millions of people now for 106 years. The mountains of the tour are the stadium in which he has gone for the past 15 years of his life in a constant search for the large and small things beyond the yellow jersey.

Collected 001

During this time, Pohlmann has disassembled the Tour de France into its individual parts to capture and understand the essence of the tour. Through the photographic image we can better understand the unique and unending fascination with the fusion of nature and sport visible to Pohlmann and the beholder. 

 _ a r e n a bows at once before the beloved spectator and the towering landscape. As a photographer, Pohlmann seeks to make visible with his work what remains hidden from the individual viewer.

Taking the vantage of a distant observer, he paints the stories in their thousands through the richness of detail: the waiting, the joy, the contrast between nature and the bands hugging the roadside, the endless lines of camper vans standing as if in the pause of a great train migration. But it is the mountains themselves that, when transformed by the event Tour de France, exert an eternal attraction. Despite modern convenien weakness of a rider, and paying back personally, and with suffering, an unjust tribute.

SKU: 101

Col du Galibier, 2017

Archival Pigment Print, 160 cm x 120 cm
Edition 3+1 EA
Signed and numbered by the artist


SKU: 102

Col du Galibier, 2017

Archival Pigment Print, 160 cm x 120 cm
Edition 5+2 EA
Signed and numbered by the artist


Tino Pohlmann

“Every reached goal is the beginning of something new, like at a big bicycle race! 
We find ourselves standing at the starting line ready for the next adventure.”

Born and raised on the east side of Germany, Tino moved to Berlin in 1998. He teaches photography at the renowned HTW in Berlin, where he graduated in Design Studies. The work of Tino Pohlmann covers landscapes, portrait, and sports photography, as well as editorial photography. He won various national and international awards for his work and book projects.

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